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About me.

My name is Ferdinand Goetzen and I help companies grow. I first ventured into the digital sphere almost a decade ago and have been helping companies -primarily startups and scale ups- scale their business ever since. 

I believe that new technologies and opportunities make it more exciting than ever to start and grow a business. I also strongly believe that the key to growing any business is creating as much value as possible.

I am currently living in Amsterdam, working as the Chief Growth Officer (CMO) @ Recruitee, one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the Netherlands.

I am a passionate public speaker and an advisor to a number of early stage startups. I also frequently write about marketing, technology and innovation on my blog.

What I do.

I develop and execute scalable strategies for growth, by focusing holistically on the entire customer journey.
Customer Acquisition

I align marketing and sales and create automated funnels to generate quality leads through paid ads, inbound, SEO, lead magnets, CRO, email automations, and more.

Product Growth

I maximize activation, retention and referrals through a combination of UX, onboarding, feature prioritization, user analytics, product marketing and product localization.


I help set up brand tracking and build strategy and guidelines to ensure a brand that has a large reach, is highly recognizable and is perceived favourably throughout the market.

Companies I've worked with.

Some of the companies I've helped grow.

Keynote: The 4 Pillars of Growth (Moscow 2018)


Some of the growth experts who have shared my work.

Facilitating growth.

I'm passionate about sharing my ideas and experiences in marketing and growth.

I regularly give talks at conferences around the world, where I share my experiences in helping companies grow.


I’ve been interviewed about my experiences in growth on various leading marketing podcasts.


I share my ideas, strategies and tactics for growth in articles that I publish on my blog.


I have worked with over 300 companies, many of which in an advisory role, helping them with their growth.

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My Blog.

Check out my blog, where I write about marketing, growth and tech - amongst other things.

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