Candid Growth Chats

Real stories and insights from the best marketers in the world. Live.


Candid Growth Chats is an initiative I started with the goal of having open and honest conversations about various aspects of marketing, growth and tech with the very best in the world. No sales pitches, no pseudo-inspirational BS, no superficial fluff; only real insights from the greatest minds in growth, offered to you live via Zoom

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Speakers & guests

Sean Ellis

Author of Hacking Growth

Ronald Voorn

Ex-Global Marketing Director at Heineken

Kieran Flanagan

VP Marketing at HubSpot

LeTísha Shaw

Director of Product Marketing at UserTesting, ex-Evernote

Corey Haines

Head of Growth at Baremetrics

Dani Hart

Founder of Growth Gal, Former Head of Growth at GrowthHackers

Sujan Patel

Serial Entrepreneur & Growth Strategist

Wes Bush

Author of Product-Led Growth

Sophia Eng

VP Growth Marketing at Trade the Fifth, ex-inVision.

David Arnoux

Co-founder at Growth Tribe

Flavilla Fongang

MD & Brand Strategist at 3 Colours Rule

Louis Grenier

Marketing at Hotjar, Host of Everyone Hates Marketers

Yam Regev

Founder & CMO at

Jolien van Grieken

Marketing Director at Impraise

Gabor Kiss

Head of Insights & Intelligence at WeTransfer

Peep Laja

CEO at CXL and Copytesting

Adrie Smith

Head of Content + Branding at Recruitee

Hugo Pereira

CGO at EVBox

Lisanne Sanders

Head of Digital at The Inner Circle

Luca Barboni

Founder at 247X

Caterina Toniolo

SVP Marketing at Lyst, ex-Skyscanner

Foti Panagio

Founder at GrowthMentor

Orsi Szentes

Growth Consultant, ex-Head of Growth at Labfresh

Hugo Faustino

Video Marketer & Growth Consultant, ex-Nike

Nurkan Kirkan

Head of Growth & Analytics at TicketSwap

Bas Prass

Founder at Off The Record

Paolo Campagnoli

Head of Video at Growth Tribe

Jesse van Doren

Founder at Brize

More coming soon!

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CGC Sessions

Session #1

June 11th, 6PM CET

Dispelling marketing bullsh*t with Louis Grenier.

Session #2

June 17th, 6PM CET

Old school vs. new school marketing - bridging the gap with Ronald Voorn.

Session #3

June 25th, 6PM CET

Driving growth and managing stakeholders with Hugo Pereira and Jolien van Grieken.

Session #4

July 1st, 7PM CET

Adapting marketing strategies as your business scales, with Kieran Flanagan.

Session #5

July 8th, 5PM CET

Creating great content and a strong brand for growth with Adrie Smith and Lisanne Sanders.

Session #6

July 30th, 6PM CET

Balancing data accuracy and execution speed with Gabor Kiss and Nurkan Kirkan.

Session #7

August 13th, 6PM CET

Why understanding personalities is key to growing your business with Dani Hart.

Session #8

August 19th, 6PM CET

Future proof your growth - solving marketers' biggest challenges with David Arnoux.

Session #9

September 10th, 6PM CET

How to implement product-led growth into your strategy with Wes Bush.

Session #10

September 23rd, 6PM CET

Upskilling yourself in marketing and growth with David Arnoux, Yam Regev and Foti Panagio.

Session #11

Date TBC

The evolution and future of growth hacking with Sean Ellis.

Session #12

Date TBC

Leveraging the power of video marketing with Paolo Campagnoli and Hugo Faustino.

Session #13

Date TBC

Developing customer-driven growth strategies with Sujan Patel.

Order may change. Stay tuned, more sessions will be announced soon!