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I am the co-founder and CEO of customer insights platform, Reveall. Based in Amsterdam, I’ve spent the last years helping tech companies scale their business long-term through the implementation of growth strategies. 

Until early 2021, I was the director of marketing & growth at 3D Hubs, an online manufacturing marketplace that I helped lead to a $330m acquisition. I was previously the chief marketing officer at Recruitee, one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in Europe. Before that, I was the lead trainer & growth marketer at the Growth Tribe Academy, where I helped hundreds of companies -from Pipedrive to ING- develop and execute strategies for growth.

I am a regular speaker at global marketing events and have been featured as a guest on several industry podcasts. I also occasionally create content to share my thoughts and experiences in the field. In 2020 I was named Marketing Talent of the Year at the Dutch Marketing Awards. 

Want to work with me?

I help b2b companies scale.​

I help tech companies develop and execute growth strategies that are customer-centric and product-led.
Strategy, Team & Process

Ensure long-term growth with a clear strategy and a team that can deliver.


Define and establish the position of your company within the market.

Customer Development

Truly understand your best customers and how to acquire more of them.

Brand Building

Develop your unique company vision and deliver it effectively.

Customer Acquisition

Define your highest ROI channels and convert leads into loyal customers.

Full-Funnel Growth

Leverage data and experimentation to optimize every stage of the funnel.

Market Expansion

Expand your business successfully into new geographic markets.

PR & Content

Build authority and reach with the right content and messaging.

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What others have said

Ferdinand has a really good understanding of growth. He's successfully led growth at a couple of breakout growth companies.
Sean Ellis
Author of Hacking Growth

Ferdinand is one of the best people I know when it comes to systematizing marketing and creating go-to marketing strategies.
Andrei Zinkevich
B2B Marketing Influencer
Ferdinand is such a rare talent, bridging the gap between the old and the new marketing world. With his vision on growth and technology, he gets even the most senior marketers and investors on board.
Susanne van Nierop
Editor-in-chief at Adformatie

Marketing just came alive with your insights. Thank you for sparing your precious time for VU Amsterdam.

Peren Ozturan
Marketing Professor at VU Amsterdam
Ferdinand is one of the few that really understands the philosophy of growth - he lives by the principles of building a fast-paced independent team that's well-embedded in any organization.
Patrick Layer
Head of Growth at Backbase
Ferdinand has the unique ability to sell anyone on growth. Whether he is teaching, speaking at a conference or presenting a strategy, by the end you’ll want to learn from him, be more like him or hire him.
Orsi Szentes
Head of Growth at Labfresh

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